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Developing Young Women That Will Have The Skills And Confidence To Conquer

The Mission of Living Legends Mentoring Program is to provide girls (13-18 years old) with the necessary resources needed in their plan for success.  Living Legends Mentoring Program will focus on key pillars to becoming Living Legends within their community and beyond: Character, Confidence, College/Career Readiness, Connections, and Compassion. 

The Vision of Living Legends Mentoring Program is that every teenage girl have a Plan when they finish High School. With the support of mentors, our girls will become strong, confident women who achieve their fullest potential and give back to the community.

The Goal of Living Legends is to create a foundation of mentors who will build life long relationships as well as become the bridge that carries our girls from beginning to the final stages of success.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, We Are The Community

A helping hand when our children need a support system and to be nurtured for

Living Legends

What Happens When You Donate

Purchasing equipment and paying fees to keep young women busy and out of trouble

After School


Coming from a low income family, a car or public transportation can make a world of difference



In order to better set up our young girls for success, we must invest in proper education



Building confidence most times starts with appearance, help us fund our clothing drive to build confidence

Our clothes


Who Will Attend

Donations go a long way when you choose to utilize it with us. We are constantly trying to push the envelope when it comes to educating young girls. There are so many struggles that women face and an even more lack of resources for them to be properly equipped to face these struggles. This is where your donation goes

Living Legends is an eclectic mix of professional and caring adults that have decided to come together, and form an organization that takes care of young women.


We realize the huge hurdles that women face everyday by being under-paid in the workforce, taken advantage of by the other sex, and having to be the bearer of children while in certain cases going through all of these things simultaneously! Without proper guidance, handling these things on your own can crush the spirits of even the strongest women. We decided that if we were to help women, we would need to start the process at the root before it grew. Hence why we start with girls ages 13-18.


Studies show that majority of girls start facing the harshest of hurdles as early as age 12. We're talking rape - which 1 in 3 women have experienced, harassment, sexism, depression, low self esteem, and the list goes on. We figure if we can get in touch with these young girls before the issues develop, we can stop their suffering and prevent any further damage. We do this by helping build peer to peer support groups, connecting them with other girls that are going through the same experience. Or by giving them our testimonial since the majority of us are females, for them to hear our story and see that we came out better on the other side. This method helps lessen the gravity of any hurdle they think is bigger than they are. 

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Who We Are

When It comes to getting the resources in place to better assist young woman, we need all the funding we can get. The more funding we receive, the more lives we reach. By simply donating any amount, you help tremendously in providing these resources for these young ladies that in most cases, are life changing.  Click Here to donate now

How To Help

You can also help drastically by simply joining our cause! Having helping hands means having more opportunities to reach a child. Your story may be the story that a young girl today needs to hear to stop suicidal thoughts. Your words may inspire more young ladies than ours may! Click below to unlock your potential and help us create change amongst the community!

Danielle Matthews


Miles College

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